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Denise and the Team at Pet-Royale Scotland are passionate about dogs and their welfare and to help all new dog owners we are pleased to showcase Pets At Home's Puppy Training Tips and Tricks!   

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Here the Puppy Tips and Tricks article which has been specially written on behalf of Pets At Home which we are sure you will enjoy! 

Willow Long Haired Weimaraner Dog - loves chasing wild rabbits and pheasants in the fields.


Toby a Retriever Labrador Cross loves playing with other dogs and watching the ducks on the pond!

Puppy Training Tips and Tricks

Welcoming a new puppy is exciting for all the family. Whilst it is a time that should be enjoyed, it is of vital importance that everyone remembers that one day it will be a fully-grown dog!

The home should be prepared in advance of the puppy`s arrival to prevent breakages and accidents.

You should have a crate containing a dog bed set up in advance in a room that is not too isolated, but not too noisy. A decently-fitting collar with tag, lead and bowls for water and food should also be purchased.

From the outset, a puppy needs to know what it can and cannot do. Nipping and chewing should be discouraged with a firm `no`. Provide toys that are `ok` to chew and put these in the puppy`s crate. Puppies need to learn to wait and that some areas are out-of-bounds. Positively re-enforce good behaviour with small amounts of dog food or a modest treat and praise the puppy for being well behaved. Consistency is important, so all responsible family members should treat the pup the same way. Never hit a puppy if it does something `wrong`, as it is still learning.

Probably the most stressful aspect of puppy training is toilet training. By immediately establishing a routine, this can be made easier for all concerned. At times when you cannot watch the puppy, placing it in a crate or small room with the bed at one end and newspaper or training pad in the other will minimise the risk of accidents. You can use the newspaper or puppy pad to gradually train them to `go` closer and closer to the outside door by moving the `target` a little every day. The other option is continually watching the puppy for signs of needing to urinate. They should be taken out straight after waking, playing and eating. If they are taken outside every hour or so to begin with and praised when they do their `business` outside, they will soon learn. Try not to be harsh if they have mishaps indoors, as this is very common and they will gain more control as they grow.

It is very important that a puppy knows what part of the home is used for sleeping. When pups are very small, it can be tempting to allow them to sleep wherever they want, or even with you. In the long run, this can lead to problems. The best option is to organise a special bed just for the puppy. There are several ideal
small dog beds available that are perfect for this purpose. If the puppy refuses to stay in the bed, it is best sited somewhere warm that can be closed off, or if this is not possible, in a crate until the dog is trained. Any loneliness can usually be overcome by the addition of an item of bedding from the previous home that still smells familiar and many puppies will welcome an old cuddly toy into their bed for comfort!


Shane - A former breeding Whippet
Shane taking a nap at his holiday home!

Shane's Owners had gone to a Wedding.
Shane out enjoying the sunshine!

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