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Forever Living's Aloe Vera and Bee Pollen Products can be safely used to complement conventional veterinary and human medical treatments. Take a look at our internet shop and order safely in the knowledge of a 60 day money back guarantee!

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Aloe Vera Products - Shop Now!
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Inner Leaf Gel contains over 75 known nutrients!

Aloe Vera is used in Veterinary Practice to treat a variety of animal ailments!

Aloe Vera Veterinary Formula - Shop Now!
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Ideal for cleansing, soothing, washing, or First Aid

Aloe Vera can treat over 200 different conditions in cats, dogs and horses!

Aloe Vera Gel - Shop Now!
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Natural anti-inflammatory and healer or daily tonic

You and your animals will enjoy a better quality of life and health!



Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice - Buy Yours Now!
Aloe Vera for Animals - Book by David Urch, Veterinary Surgeon
Aloe Vera Nature's Gift to Animals by David Urch, Veterinary Surgeon

Pet-Royale Scotland - Your Personal Internet Shop for all Aloe Vera Products from Forever Living.
Pet-Royale Scotland are pleased to promote the benefits of using Aloe Vera for animals and pets from Forever Living Products (FLP).  Their many products are widely in use kennels, catteries and stables and Rescue Centres throughout the UK.
Neither the products nor their ingredients have been tested on animals - a welcome note for animal lovers everywhere.
Aloe Vera can be used a a complementary medicinal herb to help a prevously diagnosed condition or a first aid treatment whilst waiting for your vet's appointment.  It is not however a substitute for conventional treatment or therapy.
Aloe Vera is an excellent preparation to use for skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, abscesses, fungal infections, pyoderma and many types of dermatitis.  It can be used on wounds and burns, for digestive system problems, immunological system problems and ear and eye conditions.
Try Aloe Vera for yourself and your pets and see how it helps to decrease inflammation and itching and encourages wounds to heal quickly.
The oral gel can be given in food (although dogs seem to like it in their drinking water!) whilst the topical applications should be applied directly to the skin.
Many people wonder which drink to take - the Aloe Vera Gel or Forever Freedom ?
The latest advice from FLP's Advisory Board Member, Dr Peter Atherton,  informs us that "Both drinks contain a substantial amount of gel with its inherent anti - inflammatory and pain killing effects. They both contain therefore, the nutritional benefit of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as the immune-modulating and anti- viral effect of the long chain sugar Acemannan.
The difference is, that whereas the straight gel is around 98% Aloe Vera, Forever Freedom has lost about 15% which is replaced by the additives glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and extra vitamin C. These additives were put there to target a specific condition, that of osteoarthritis. This wear and tear problem arises when joint cartilage is worn away and not adequately replaced, leading eventually to bone rubbing against bone with the consequent pain , stiffness and ultimately joint deformity.
Most people manufacture adequate amounts of cartilage up until the age of about 40 when the process starts to fail and by about 50 those who are destined to get the condition, start to show signs. Some people are more prone especially if they have a family history, are overweight, Indulge in extreme sports or whose job involves heavy manual labour.
Forever Freedom is a natural preventative choice for these individuals, as the additives in the drink are the natural building blocks of cartilage so help replace any deficiency."
Both you and your pet's health could benefit from this wonderful Aloe Vera plant and with a 60 day money back guarantee on any products you purchase there is nothing to lose.  Why not try some today!





Would YOU like to save a massive 30% on ALL your purchases of Forever Living Products?

Recent Company policy changes mean that all Aloe Vera orders must now be made directly from the Forever Living website. To make an order through Pet-Royale just click on any Aloe Vera image or use the links to the internet shop.

This ensures compliance and conformity for all FLP Distributors and is a great idea to uphold Company Values - although it does limit what we can provide by way of special offers or free samples.

But you have another option to benefit!

Why not become a ‘Smart Customer’ and take advantage of buying your favourite Aloe Vera products at the wholesale price? You will save 30% on normal retail prices every time you shop!

As a new Distributor, your very first order must be of a minimum value of 100 (the maximum is 200 and this order includes free delivery) and thereafter any further orders must be 50 minimum, plus VAT, with a standard courier charge of 5.95 for delivery anywhere in the UK.

Simply email, putting Smart Customer as your email title, and include your full name and address. We will then send you a Distributor form to complete and send off to register with Forever Living.

With a genuine 60 day money back guarantee on all purchases what have you got to lose?




Bruce the Alsation Dog Sitting Proudly and displaying his Scottish dog tag!

Bruce the Alsation wearing his Scottish Dog Tag!

The aptly named "Cole" the jet black cat sitting in the grass in the sunshine!

Cole, the aptly named black cat sitting in the grass in the sunshine.

Karma, a Gorgeous Blue/Grey Cat sitting on the wall.

Karma, a gorgeous blue/grey cat sitting on the wall.

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